About us

Rivus is a project connecting people who love painting, colors, and art overall. We are passionate about creating original custom-made graffiti.

Our motivation is bringing uniqueness and playfulness to drab and boring places, both interior and exterior.

Painting and creative art is our lifestyle. We fell for it 20 years ago where we would do it just for fun. We’ve been doing graffiti custom designs for 15 years.

What we offer

We make custom graphic designs of various applications and sizes using many painting techniques in accordance with the character of the surface we work with:

  • custom-made graffiti (painting realized on client’s request, unique designs by the author)
  • interior paintings (offices, rooms) and specific interior work
  • advertisement paintings /graphic ads on the wall, large formats
  • portraits / portraits painting
  • paintings / custom made canvas paintings
  • graphic design / graphic design drafts
  • café design and calligraphy / graphic wall paintings and decorative texts for cafés and restaurants
  • abstract paintings / abstract paintings unique by their structures and color combinations
  • digital painting (portrait) / digital painting with a photo portrait as a model

Do you like our work?

We’d be happy to consult your ideas, advise and draft a suitable solution for your spaces.

Just contact us.

How it works

  1. Request – You send a non-binding request with specifics for creating a concrete painting or you order your own design (on a van, fence, interior, exterior, and other non-traditional surfaces)
  2. Consultation – Together we properly state the design dimensions and the realization complexity (work at hight, at a specific time or a weather-permitted work in case of exteriors)
  3. Digital draft – We follow up with a digital draft / visualization of how the work is going to look like. We choose a suitable painting technique, price the material and work and set up a necessary time need for the realization.
  4. Realization – Surface preparation for painting, its realization a documentation (video, photos for promotions, etc.), painting handover